Masons and members of their families can become members of the EMCSA, and can shoot with us at our regular club shoots, but when we enter competitions only the scores of the masonic members in our team(s) can be counted towards the masonic scores. Most competitions do though allow non-masons to be part of the team but their score counts towards a separate non-masonic 'high gun' title.


The levels of membership are:


  • Full Member           - A mason or family member who is aged 21 or over on the date the membership fee is due (£25 per annum).

  • Junior Members  - Aged 16 or over but under 21 on the date the membership fee is due (£15 per annum).

  • Colt Members        - Aged under 16 years of age on the date the membership fee is due (£10 per annum).


Annual membership subscription fees are due on 1st September each year. They can be paid by bank transfer (see renewal form for bank details). However, if you join on or after 1st April your subs will cover you until 1st September in the following year.  


Colt & Junior Members must be accompanied by a Full Member who will be responsible for their safety at all times.


If you already shoot and are thinking about joining the EMCSA feel free to come along and shoot with us at one of our regular fixtures and then, if you still want to join, you can download a Membership Application form here:








If you're a newcomer to the sport download our fixture list and then email our Chairman, W.Bro Rob Hollier, to arrange to come along on a date that suits you.


If you're a former member and looking to renew your membership please download the renewal form below:




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