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Inter Provincial - Fyfield - 11.03.23

Score Ex 100
Gary Jones
Paul Reeves
Dave Francis
Richard H Groves
Mark Woolard
Terry Attewell
Mark Inns
Clive Fry

Fyfield - 09.04.22
Score Ex 100
Antony Adams
Terry Attewell
Mark Inns
Rob Hollier
Ted Grad'
Ken Randall
Richard Harrington Groves
Ian Parker
Chris (guest)
Dennis Adams
Paul Swinge

Bush Springs - 02.04.22
Score Ex 100
Terry Attewell
Terry Grad'
Rob Hollier

Fyfield - 26.03.22
Score Ex 100
Dave Wilder
Mark Woolard
Richard Harrington Groves
Terry Attewell
Rob (guest)
Ken Randall
Ian Parker
Rob Hollier

Dartford - 15.02.22
Score Ex 100
Ted Gradosielski
Peter Hollingsworth
Richard Harrington Groves
Ian Parker
Gary Jones
Paul Reeves
Dave Purches
Rob Hollier
Terry Attewell
Mark Woolard
Mark Inns
Clive Fry

Eastwick - 15.02.22
Score Ex 60
Terry Attewell
Mark Woolard
Mark Inns
Rob Hollier

Christmas Shoot
Fyfield - 04.12.21

Good turn out for our annual Christmas shoot & AGM at Fyfield and the Black Bull on the 4th December 2021. My thanks to Nicky & Tony of the Black Bull for allowing us to use the Black Bull for our AGM and supplying us with a sumptuous breakfast.

Eighteen members and a guest or two took part in the shoot at Fyfield SG and my thanks to Olly the ground owner for accommodating us.


Screenshot 2022-05-07 at 20.23.36.png

Fyfield - 20.11.2021

Screenshot 2021-12-12 at 02.55.25.png

Eastwick - 07.11.2021

Screenshot 2021-12-12 at 01.08.52.png

Three Acres - 10.10.2021

Screenshot 2021-12-12 at 01.03.08.png

International Masonic Clay Shooting Championship

Screenshot 2021-12-12 at 01.17.11.png

Captains Charity Shoot - 31.07.2021

Screenshot 2021-12-12 at 00.03.50.png

Suffolk provincial charity shoot - Eriswell shooting ground

Screenshot 2021-07-10 at 17.00.48.png

JJ's - 26/06/21

Screenshot 2021-07-10 at 16.48.02.png

ESG Fyfield - 19/06/21

Screenshot 2021-07-12 at 16.23.59.png

Three Acres - 06/06/21

Screenshot 2021-06-10 at 17.11.44.png

Fennes - 29/05/21

Screenshot 2021-06-10 at 17.06.49.png

Fyfield - 22/05/21

Screenshot 2021-06-10 at 17.03.03.png

Fyfield - 08/05/21

Screenshot 2021-06-10 at 16.54.45.png

Fennes - 01/05/21

Copfurn - 19/01/20

Eastwick - 17/11/19

A1 - 27/10/19

JJ's - 19/10/19

Copfurn - 13/10/2019

Inter provincial shoot East Kent - 05/10/2019

Three Acres - 11/08/2019

Bush Springs - 27/07/2019

2019 Captains Day - 13/07/2019

Copfurn - 07/07/2019

Nationals Suffolk - High Lodge - 22/06/2019

Screenshot 2019-10-20 at 05.20.19.png

J.J's - 09/06/2019

Colin Ross Charity Shoot - 21/05/2019

Shrove Hill - 19/05/2019

Fyfield - 04/05/2019

"Good turn out,(weather could have been kinder, very windy), with the usual banter, always a joy to shoot with the members of EMCSA"

Copfurn - 28/04/2019

Three Acres - 10/03/2019

Fyfield - 23/02/2019

Copfurn - 03/02/2019

Bush Springs - 26/01/2019

Fyfield - 29/12/2018

Fyfield - 15/12/18

Copfurn - 25/11/2018

Eastwick - 18/11/2018

Fyfield - 03/11/18

Screenshot 2018-11-11 at 09.06.15.png

A1 - 28/10/2018

Fyfield - 25/08/2018

Fennes - 7/7/2018

Mark Lambkin                                 74 ex 100

Rob Hollier                                       52 ex 100

Richard H Groves                            45 ex 100

Chris Dorling                                    42 ex 100

Dartford - 22/04/18

Bush Springs - 07/04/18

Mark Lambkin               85 ex 100

Rob Hollier                     74 ex 100

Terry Attwell                   59 ex 100

Ken Randall                    56 ex 100

Richard H.G                    51 ex 100(P.B.)

Tim Clarke                      46 ex 100

Chris Dorling                 44 ex 100

Andrew Cross                33 ex 100


David Fairney                 77 ex 100 (Guest, could be new member)

Three Acres - 25/03/18


Dave Wilder                59 ex 80
Rob Hollier                 49 ex 80
Paul Swinge                34 ex 80

Colin Ross memorial shoot - Fyfield - 13/03/18

Antony Adams               69 ex 100
Rob Hollier                     67 ex 100
Ken Cownden                54 ex 100
Terry Attwell                   53 ex 100
Paul Swinge                    50 ex 100
Dennis Adams               46 ex 100

The shoot was very well attended on a cold day and I believe nearly £2000.00 was raised on the day, for full results etc’ go to Olly’s website, essexclayshoot. I believe our team came 10th.
Excellent day was had by all and the shoot was very well set up and run by Olly and his team, looking forward to next year!!

Fennes - 03/03/18

Russel Attwell                68 ex 100 (guest0
Terry Attwell                   65 ex 100
Rob Hollier                      61 ex 100
Tim Clarke                       52 ex 100
Richard H-Grove            46 ex 100 (improving all the time)
Andrew Cross                 44 ex 100

Fyfield - 10/02/18

Antony Adams               76 ex 100
Mark Lambkin                63 ex 100
Rob Hollier                      61 ex 100
Terry Attwell                   58 ex 100
Dennis Adams               51 ex 100
Ken Randall                    41 ex 100
Andrew Cross                38 ex 100
Tim Clarke                      37 ex 100
Ash                                  37 ex 100 ( guest of Tim)
Richard H-Groves          32 ex 100 ( Improving, well shot).

A very good turn out on a very cold damp Saturday, Olly had set up some very testing stands, especially Stands 7,9, (a going away pair, not easy),and stand 11,( ball trap & a very rapid R to L crosser) and 7 had an orange rising teal that had to be 70/80 mtrs out! Blimey!!! But, the talk in the cabin after the shoot was how everyone enjoyed themselves, has to be the company!!!!The targets didn’t phase our Antony though, he even managed a 6 on the high tower !

Bush springs - 13/01/18


Terry Attwell                       50 ex 70 

Antony adams                    43 ex 70 

Dennis Adams                    43 ex 70 

Adrian Saggers                   37 ex 70 

Richard Harr'ton-Groves  31 ex 70 

Rob Hollier                          40 ex 60 

Mark Inns                            35 ex 60 

A very entertaining shoot at Bush Springs, the ground was very muddy and wellies were the order of the day, It was a 70 bird shoot but Myself and Mark Inns shot  60, as I had to get home to get ready for a meeting in the afternoon and Mark was my passenger!

Fyfield - 30/12/2017

Antony Adams                 66 ex 100

Dennis Adams                 54 ex 100

Ian Parker                        48 ex 100

Rob Hollier                       48 ex 100

Terry Attwell                    47 ex 100

Fraser Betts                     46 ex 100

Paul Swinge                     44 ex 100

Richard Har’-Grove         39 ex 100

A brilliant shoot to end the year and a very hearty welcome to Richard !

Copfurn - 26/11/17

ANTONY ADAMS            60 EX 80

GEOFF WHISTLER           55 ex 80

MICK KEEN                      50 EX 80

RUSSEL ATTEWELL         46 EX 80 (20 BORE)

ROB HOLLIER                  44 EX 80

IAN PARKER                     39 EX 80

DENNIS ADAMS              35 EX 80

MARK INNS                     31 EX 80

TERRY ATTEWELL           29 EX 80 ( 20 BORE)

MARK BRACCI                 24 EX 80

ARON PRIEST                 17 EX 80 ( NOVICE GUEST)






Three Acres - 19/11/17






Antony Adams                   61 ex 80

Rob Hollier                         56 ex 80

Paul Swinge                        52 ex 80 (P.B.)

Ken Randall                        35 ex 80

Dennis Adams                   31 ex 80 

Fyfield - 04/11/17

Anthony Hoarau                53 ex 90

Rob Hollier                          51 ex 90

Terry Attwell                       50 ex 90

Alex Braccie                        38 ex 90

Paul Swinge                        37 ex 90

Chris Dorling                      30 ex 90

Mark Braccie                      27 ex 90



A1 - 29/10/17

Paul swinge                        38 ex 80
Dave Wilder                        64 ex 80
Anthony Hoarau                50 ex 80
Anthony Adams                 56 ex 80
Dennis Adams                    39 ex 80

JJ's - 15/10/17

Rob Hollier                          48 ex 84
Adrian Saggers                   44 ex 84
Alex Braccie                         42 ex 84
Mark Braccie                       34 ex 84

Dartford -  01/10/17

Mark Lambkin                    59 ex 100
Alex Brace                           54 ex 100 (new Junior member)
Rob Hollier                          52 ex 100
Ken Randall                         51 ex 100
Connor Lambkin                45 ex 100 (new junior member)
Mark Braccie                          33 ex 100 ( new Senior member)

The mornings weather was windy and damp and the targets were challenging to say the least ( set up for a CPSA shoot),but despite that we had a very enjoyable time with the usual banter which was made more enjoyable by East Kent Lads following us around and taking the Micky in their usual way. Good to see Roger and co’. 
There was also a skeet competition going on and and a gathering of international Practical shooters (Neil Beverley’s favourite shooting discipline), which made the ground very busy.

Bush springs - 23/09/17

M Lambkin                     44 ex 70

T Clarke                           36 ex 70

C Lambkin                       36 ex 70

K Randall                         35 ex 70

T Attwell                           34 ex70

R Hollier                           34 ex 70

P Swinge                          32 ex 70

A Bracci                            27 ex 70 (guest)

M Bracci                           23 ex 70 (proposed member)

C Dorling                          23 ex 70

Copfurn - 03/09/17

Ian Parker                       53 ex 80
Rob Hollier                     49 ex 80
Terry Attwell                   40 ex 80
Andrew Cross                 35 ex 80
Paul Swinge                    29 ex 80

Fennes - 19/08/17

Mark Lambkin                  64 ex 100

Antony Adams                 60 ex 100

Ken Cowden                     58 ex 100

Ian Parker                         57 ex 100

Conner Lambkin              49 ex 100 ( Guest)

Dennis Adams                  49 ex 100

Copfurn - 06/08/17

Team #1

Graham Dickerson           50 ex 80

Jack Dickerson                   24 ex 80 (guest)

Chris Dorling                     30 ex 80

Ian Parker                          53 ex 80

Paul Swinge                       36 ex 80

Team #2

Antony Adams                  58 ex 80

Dennis Adams                  26 ex 80

Terry Attwell                      40 ex 80

Fraser Betts                       50 ex 80

Anthony Hoarau               51 ex 80

Copfurn - 25/06/17

These are the recorded scores for Copfurn on Sunday the 25/6/17 and it won’t take long……….

Rob Hollier                          55 ex 80
Dave Wilder                        53 ex 80
Trevor                                  48 ex 80  (guest)

Even though there were only three of us it we still had a good time, Olly had put on a great round with some very tricky targets, I do like his way of subtle changes to keep it interesting



Arnolds Farm - 03/06/17

Rob Hollier                          45 ex 50

Ian Parker                            37 ex 50

Terry Harris                         35 ex 50

Terry Attewel                       30 ex 50

Paul Swinge                         29 ex 50

Dennis Adams                     24 ex 50

Bob Parry                             46 ex 50 (Guest) well shot Bob.

Turned out to be a fun morning with good weather and good company, Glen put on good 50 birder and a duck flush
Bob Parry, Terry Harris and myself had a go and scored 41 ex 75
( 3 man flush), don’t think we will win any prizes with that score but it was good fun…

Dennis picked up Antony’s Trophy for coming 4th in the Juniors at the Essex club shoot last Monday. Well done Antony!


Arnolds Farm - 29/05/17

Anthony Adams                 71 ex 100

Geoff Whistler                    68 ex 100

Rob Hollier                          63 ex 100

Mick Keen                           76 ex 100

Ken Downden                    60 ex 100

Mark Lambkin                    82 ex 100

Dennis Adams                    44 ex 100

Dave Wilder                        85 ex 100

Anthony Hoarau                72 ex 100

Paul Swinge                        59 ex 100



Eastwick - 11/06/17

Rob Hollier                          39 ex 50

Anthony Hoarau                38 ex 50

Terry Attwell                       36 ex 50

Chris Dorling                      24 ex 50

Graham Dickerson            32 ex 50

Copfurn - 14/05/2017

David Wilder                   54 ex 80


John                                  48 ex 80 ( guest of Terry Harris).

Terry Harris                     44 ex 80

Russell Attwell                 44 ex 80 ( Terry Attewell’s Son)

Fraser Betts                     40 ex 80

Rob Hollier                       39 ex 80

Mick Keen                         38 ex 80

Terry Attwell                     35 ex 80

Andrew Cross                   26 ex 80

Tim Clarke                         20 ex 80

A very good turn out today, the weather was kind to us but the targets Olly set were very tricky, especially when the wind was gusting.
We all left a lot of targets out there, some more than others but that aside , it was a very enjoyable day in good company.




Bush springs - 06/05/17

Fraser Betts                      58 ex 100

Terry Attwell                     58 ex 100 ( new Member welcome)

Rob Hollier                        58 ex 100

Ian Parker                         56 ex 100

Adrian Saggers                 54 ex 100

Ken Randall                       47 ex 100

Mark Innes                        38 ex 100 ( Guest/future member)

A cold wind was blowing in our faces all morning, apart from that it was dry and a very enjoyable shoot, Bush Springs made us very welcome.




Dartford - 22/04/17

Antony Adams                       85 ex 100

David Wilder                           85 ex 100 ( new member)

Mark Lambkin                         72 ex 100

Anthony Hoarau                     69 ex 100

Fraser Betts                             61 ex 100

Ken Randall                             54 ex 100

Rob Hollier                               53 ex 100

Paul Swinge                             50 ex 100

Dennis Adams                         49 ex 100


East Kent                                  235
Essex                                         242

Essex won by seven clays, good shooting to all the Guys especially the top three !

Fennes - 08/04/17

Mark Lambkin                      56 EX 80

Ian Parker                              53 EX 80

Rob Hollier                            52 EX 80

Ken Cownden                       50 EX 80

Dennis Adams                      38 EX 80

Martin Picket                         20 EX 80 

A very enjoyable shoot with excellent weather and good company. well done Martin, your first shoot with us, hasn’t been shooting long and to get that score with all the banter and barracking going on is excellent!

Inter- provincial shoot against middlesex - 25/03/17

Captains Day & Christmas Competition Shoots


Each time a member shoots their score is recorded and a handicap is calculated from those scores. In addition to our regular 'club' shoots we hold a Captains Day Shoot and a Christmas Shoot in July and December and those handicaps are used for those shoots. That way, the winner will be whoever was shooting above their average on the day, rather than always being the best shot in the club.



A very enjoyable shoot in very good company and good weather. There was £35.75p of left over funds after the shoot was paid, which was handed to Donald of Middlesex to donate to a charity of their choice.

Winning team: Essex - 154/140 (Top three scores per team)

Essex scores;

Terry Harris                63 ex 90

Rod Blacklock            49 ex 90

Adrian Saggers          42 ex 90

Ian Parker                   41 ex 90

Rob Hollier                 40 ex 90

Paul Swinge                32 ex 90

Ken Randall                27 ex 70 (Had to leave early due to emergency)

Middlesex top shot:  Jason Nadal 

Essex top shot: Terry Harris


Event News
























































































13th National (Tercentenary) Masonic Clay Shooting Championships

Saturday 17th June 2017

This year the Province of Essex has the privilege of hosting the above event. For further details please download the flyer (see the button at the top of this (and every other) page.  

2016 AGM

Saturday 17/12/2016

The 2016 AGM was held at the Black Bull PH.


Officers Elected for 2016 - 2017:

Chairman - W.Bro Rob Hollier

Captain - W.Bro Neil March

Secretary - VW.Bro Paul Reeves

Treasurer - W.Bro Mike Gravenor

Safety Officers  - W.Bros. Mike Gravenor, Karl Griffin & Neil March 

2015 AGM

Saturday 05/12/2015

The 2015 AGM was held at the Black Bull PH.


Officers Elected for 2015 - 2016:


Chairman           - W.Bro Rob Hollier

Captain               - W.Bro Chris Sampson

Secretary            - W.Bro Paul Reeves

Treasurer           - W.Bro Mike Gravenor

Safety Officers  - W.Bros. Mike Gravenor, Karl Griffin, Neil March & Rod Blacklock

EMCSA Handicapped Xmas Shoot 2015

Saturday 05/12/2015

An 80 target EMCSA 2015 Christmas Handicapped shoot was held at Fyfield on 5th December. 


The actual scores were:-


Antony Adams             61%

Mick Keen                     58%

Geoff Whistler              51%

Rob Hollier                    50%

Dennis Adams              45%

Ian Parker                      36%

Paul Swinge                   25%


Congratulations are due to Mick Keen though - after the handicaps were applied he'd won (for the second year running) with a 100% score!


EMCSA 'Have a Go' Novice Day

Sat 10/10/2015

Ever wanted to have a go at Clay Pigeon Shooting?

Never had the chance?

Don’t know how to get started?


Well here’s your opportunity!


Essex Masonic Clay Shooting Association's ‘Have A Go Day’


Saturday 10th October 2015


Cost: £25.00, which includes:-

½ hour tuition by a qualified CPSA Instructor (delivered in pairs)

25 clay targets, 25 cartridges, use of guns & all safety equipment


Essex Shooting Ground, Fyfield

(near Chipping Ongar, Essex;


Shooting commences at 11.00am.


Open to all, Masons, Non Masons, Family & Friends from 11 years old and upwards.      


Places must be booked & paid for in advance.


To book contact: W.Bro Neil March, ProvAGDC

Tel: 07970 159943; email:


Limited places – please book early!

Essex Provincial Stewards' 7th Annual Charity Shoot

Sat 12/09/2015

In 2009 W.Bro Graham Dickerson, ProvDepGDC, of Stansted Mountfitchet Lodge No. 6230 (then a Provincial Grand Steward of that year) organised the first Stewards’ Charity Clay Shoot for novices at Essex Shooting Ground, Fyfield. The event proved very popular and it’s been held annually since then by successive Stewards of the Year but has grown, with the assistance of the Essex Masonic Clay Shooting Association (EMCSA), into a shoot for novices and experienced shooters.


On Saturday 12th September 2015 the Provincial Grand Stewards of the Year, in association with the EMCSA, put on the 7th Annual Stewards Charity Clay Shoot. Thirty (30) novices and 35 experienced shooters took part, with shooters supporting the event from MetGL and the Provinces of Hertfordshire, Suffolk and as far away as West Lancashire.


The day started with a full English breakfast at the Black Bull pub in Fyfield (run by W.Bro Tony Walker & Nicky Eldridge) before the shooters moved onto their respective shooting grounds. Novices were given 1-to-1 tuition before a mini competition over 30 targets, whilst the more experienced battled it out over 60 targets, before everyone retired back to the Black Bull pub for a lovely 2 course lunch.


Prizes were then awarded by W.Bro Rob Hollier (EMCSA Chairman and Eureka Lodge 8761). The winners in the novice shoot were:-


Junior High Gun - Lewis Bell

Lady High Gun - Joanne Kerr

Non-Masonic High Gun - Nick Perry

Masonic High Gun - W.Bro Terry Kerr


The winners in the experienced shoot were:-


Junior High Gun - Max Robertson (Herts)

Lady High Gun - Charlotte Brereton (Suffolk)

Non-Masonic High Gun - W.Bro Nick Dear  (Herts)

Masonic High Gun - W.Bro Neil March (St Cedd 6519, Essex)


Congratulations to W.Bro Andy Pearson, ProvGStwd (Spero Lodge 6825) and W.Bro Karl Griffin (EMCSA and Rainham Lodge 3079) for organising the day and a big thank you to everyone who supported it – we raised almost £1,500 for Lifelites.


The EMCSA will be holding a further novice day at Essex Shooting Ground, Fyfield on 10th October 2015.  Details will be advertised on the Provincial website and at


If interested please contact W.Bro Neil March on 07970 159943 (



Essex Provincial Stewards Annual Charity Shoot

Saturday 12/09/2015

This event is in two halves and is an ideal opportunity for complete or near novices to experience clay pigeon shooting in a safe but fun environment and for experienced shooters to enjoy a good shoot.


All prices include the cost of a full English breakfast at the Black Bull public house in Fyfield, CM5 0NN and, following the shoots, a two course lunch back at the Black Bull.


After breakfast novice shooters make a short journey (a 15 min drive) to Little Hyde Hall, Sawbridgeworth, CM21 9HX, which is a ground designed for novices to use for corporate entertainment days. You need to be there for 10.30am for a safety briefing and shooting starts at 11.00am.


You will be provided with all necessary safety equipment (safety glasses and ear defenders), the use of a shotgun, all the cartridges you need and the cost of the clays you shoot (as well as the ones you miss) will be included in the cost.


The novice day, including all meals and 50 shots is £65, less than a similar shooting experience day out but with the food thrown in.


After breakfast the experienced shooters will make their way to the Essex Shooting Ground in Fyfield (near Chipping Ongar, Essex; for 10.30am. Shooting commences at 11.00am.


They will take part in a 60 Bird Sporting Shoot at the reduced cost of £45 (as they will provide their own cartridges). If you are an experienced shooter but don’t have your own gun let us know when you book and we can ensure you have the use of a gun on the day.


All shooters return to the Black Bull Public House, Fyfield at 2.00pm for a two course lunch from the following set menu:


Steak & Kidney Pie with New Potatoes & Vegetables

Roast Pork & all the Trimmings

Deep Fried Cod with Chips & Peas

Vegetarian Curry

Vegetarian Curry


Chocolate & Vanilla Mousse

Lemon Meringue Pie

Homemade Apple Crumble


Breakfast & Lunch is available for non-shooting guests (£22.50)


The cost of the shooting and meals is kept to a minimum but a raffle will be held at lunchtime to raise money for Lifelites, a charity that gives children with limited lives unlimited possibilities.


There are trophies for the highest novice and experienced scorers.



Most Improved (if somewhat laid back) Member

Sat 01/08/2015

We don't have a 'Most Improved Member' award but if we did it would have to go to Bro Anthony Hoarau.


Anthony joined us in August 2014 as a novice shooter and at this years Nationals turned in a score of 73 ex 100; a score many of us would be happy to achieve.


Well done!

2015 National Masonic Clay Shooting Championships

Sat 01/08/2015

133 shooters attended this years Championship Shoot, representing 17 Provinces.


W.Bro Neil March, ProvAGDC was Masonic High Gun with a very creditable 93 ex 100.


The masonic team scores were:-


1st - West Lancashire (257)

2nd - Cornwall (255)

3rd - MetGL (251)


4th - East Kent (246)

5th Essex (234)

6th North Yorkshire (220)

7th - Bristol (216)

8th - West Yorkshire (214)

9th - Middlesex (213)

10th - Cumberland & Westmorland (185)

11th - Wiltshire (172)


The remaining Provinces didn't have 3 qualifying masonic shooters but were:-


12th - Leicestershire & Rutland (155) (shooters)

13th - Monmouthshire (138) (2 shooters) 

14th - Warwickshire (127) (2 shooters)

15th - Hertfordshire (86) (1 shooter)

16th - Surrey (70) (1 shooter)

17th - East Lancashire (65) (1 shooter) 

EMCSA Captain's Day Handicapped Winner 2015

Sat 18/07/2015

The 2015 Captain's Day handcapped shoot was won for the second year running by the club Secretary, W.Bro Paul Reeves - and this year he had nothing to do with setting the handicaps :-)


Previous Winners


2011 - Rob Hollier

2012 - Paul Herbert

2013 - Ian Parker

2014 - Paul Reeves

2015 - Paul Reeves

Essex Runners-up in 2015 Inter-Provincial Home Counties Competition


We took part in the 2015 Inter-Provincial Home Counties Competition hosted by the Province of Middlesex at the Star Gun Club in Surrey last weekend.


The scores of the three highest scoring shooters in each Provincial team were added together to decide which team had won so congratulations go to W.Bro Rob Hollier, Bro Anthony Hoarau and W.Bro Neil March whose combined scores achieved a very creditable 2nd place for Essex (particularly Bro Anthony who only started shooting earlier this year)! The winners were MetGL.


Well done also to W,Bro Neil March who also had the runner-up highest individual score (88%) which was only 2 points behind the winner and Antony Adams (our 18 year old Junior member) who had the highest individual Junior score.


The trophies were presented by RW.Bro Alastair Mason, ProPGM of Middlesex.

Creation of the National Association of Masonic Clay Shooting Societies (NAMCSS)


On 19/02/2015 representatives from 21 Provincial Clay Shooting Associations / Societies met at Temple 10 at Freemasons' Hall for the inaugral meeting of a proposed National Masonic Clay Shooting Society.  The proposition was unanimously adopted.


The following Officers were elected:


Chairman -         W.Bro Brian Saidman (MetGL)

Vice Chairman - W.Bro Mick Casey (West Lancs) 

Secretary -          W.Bro Roger Wilkes (East Kent)

Treasurer -         W.Bro Cliff Jones (Herts)


Essex were represented by W.Bro Rob Hollier (our Chairman) and W.Bro Mick Gravenor (our Treasurer).


A copy of the draft minutes of the inaugral meeting are attached under 'Scores'


2014 AGM

Saturday 6th December 2014

The 2014 AGM was held at the Black Bull PH.


Officers Elected for 2014 - 2015:


Chairman           - W.Bro Rob Hollier

Captain               - W.Bro Ian Parker

Secretary            - W.Bro Paul Reeves

Treasurer           - W.Bro Mike Gravenor

Safety Officers  - W.Bros. Mike Gravenor, Karl Griffin & Neil March


EMCSA Handicapped Xmas Shoot 2014

Saturday 6th December 2014

W.Bro Mick Keen, who only joined the association earlier in 2014 after a long absence from shooting, stole the day with a well deserved win at this years Xmas Shoot. 


Well done Mick!

EMCSA Novice Day

Saturday 11th October 2014

On Saturday 11/10/2014 fifteen novices tirned out for the EMCSA Novice Day and by all accounts a good time was had by all.


Thanks for your support which helped us to raise a modest sum for 8Aid while you were having fun :-)


Thanks also to two of our CPSA qualified Instructors, Karl Griffin and Neil March, for giving up their time to provide tuition at no charge.


Thanks also to Dartford Clay Shooting Club for making us so welcome.

Middlesex v EMCSA Inter-Provincial Shoot

Sunday 5th October 2014

The Province of Middlesex CSA made us welcome when we joined them for a friendly Inter-Provincial Shoot on Saturday 05/10/2014 at the A1 Shooting Ground, A1 Barnet By Pass, Barnet, EN5 3GZ.


We were only able to field a small team and were beaten into 2nd place by the better team on the day:


Middx - 157

Essex  - 136



2014 Home Counties Inter-Provincial Competition

27th September 2014

This years Home Counties Inter-Provincial Competition was hosted by the Province of Surrey at the Surrey Shooting School, Ridgewood (near Reigate). Teams from MetGL, Essex, Herts, East & West Kent, Sussex. Middlesex and Surrey enjoyed a 100 bird competitiion, which was won by MetGL (1st on 248), East Kent (2nd on 244) and with Essex coming 3rd on 230.


W.Bro Neil March was presented with Individual High Gun runner-up trophy by RW.Bro Eric Stuart-Bamford (Surrey's PGM) having scored 85, being pipped for 1st place by a MetGL shooter on 86 !!  

Herts Inter-Provincial Charity Shoot

14th September 2014

Ten members of the EMCSA entered the Inter-Provincial Charity Shoot hosted by the Province of Hertfordshire at the rather fine Atkin, Grant & Lang Shooting Ground in St Albans.  


There were about 100 shooters on the day but an Essex squad were presented, by RW.Bro Paul Gower, PGM (Herts), with team runner-up medals & prizes, with a combined score of 347.


Neil March        - 86 ex 100

Dennis Adams - 73 ex 100

Paul Reeves      - 68 ex 100

Rod Blacklock  - 61 ex 100

Rob Hollier       - 59 ex 100


The individual High Gun was W.Bro Steve Whitworth (Herts) on 91.


W.Bro Neil March (Essex) was runner-up with his very credible 86%.

Provincial Stewards Charity Shoot 2014

13th September 2014

Another good turnout from Essex brethren with their friends & families saw 45 of us enjoy good weather and a shoot for novices & experienced shots at the Essex Shooting Ground venues in Sawbridgeworth and Fyfield, preceded by a full English breakfast and followed by a lovely lunch at the Black Bull pub in Fyfield.


Experienced High Guns

Neil March                  - 78%

Rod Blacklock             - 68%


Experienced Ladies High Gun

Val Griffin                   - 35%


Novice High Guns

Peter Whapshott    - 28 ex 30

Reiss Duthie            - 27 ex 30

Paul Konstantinou - 27 ex 30


Steward High Gun

Nick Horner           - 25 ex 30


The day was hugely successful with £1,050 being raised for the 8Aid charity appeal supporting:


  • Lifelites - who provide technology for children with life threatening illnesses

  • Essex Air Ambulance – there when you need them most

  • Helen Rollason – Cancer care across Essex

  • Teddies for Loving Care (TLC Teddies) – providing teddies for traumatised children in A&E

  • Hamilton Court – helping to care for the elderly.

  • Southend & Essex Masonic Welfare Trust – providing essential equipment and more

  • Essex Provincial Charity Fund – used by the Provincial Almoner to provide immediate support to families in need

  • Friends of Prince Edward Duke of Kent Court (Stisted Hall) – support for residents in sheltered housing


West Kent v EMCSA

7th September 2014

We met with a team from the Province of West Kent on Sunday 7th September at JJ's Shooting Club near Dartford, Kent and had an enjoyable 84 bird shoot in good company.  


Congratulations are due to West Kent, whose top 5 scores beat our top five scores by 318 to 305.


EMCSA Captain's Day Handicap Competition Winners

30th August 2014

2011 - Rob Hollier

2012 - Paul Herbert

2013 - Ian Parker

2014 - Paul Reeves

2015 - Paul Reeves

EMCSA Handicap Christmas Shoot

8th December 2013

2011 - Mike Gravenor ?

2012 - Adrian Saggers / Paul Reeves

2013 - Paul Reeves

2014 - ??

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