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Essex Masonic CSA Homepage

Welcome to the homepage of the Essex Masonic Clay Shooting Association (EMCSA).


The Clay Pigeon Shooting Association (CPSA) defines clay pigeon shooting as:


"........ the art of shooting at special flying targets, known as clay pigeons or clay targets, with a shotgun. The terminology commonly used by clay shooters often relates to times past, when live pigeon competitions were held. Although such competitions were made illegal in 1921, a target is still called a 'target', a hit is referred to as a 'hit' and the machine which projects the targets is known as a 'trap'."


The EMCSA is an association of Essex Freemasons who represent the masonic Province of Essex in that sport. Membership is open to Freemasons & their families who live or meet in the Province of Essex, and who are interested in Clay Pigeon Shooting. 


Our aim is to provide a welcoming & safe enviroment for Essex masons to enjoy clay pigeon shooting and to foster a team spirit with a view to representing the Province of Essex in National & Home Counties Masonic Inter-Provincial competitions. We also like to raise a little bit of money for charity along the way.


We understand that many Essex masons will already shoot with a club and may not have time to join and regularly shoot with another one but we would appreciate them joining us when we compete against other Provinces, particularly in the annual Inter-Provincial Home Counties Competition and the annual National Masonic Clay Shooting Championships.   


We regularly shoot at the Essex Shooting Ground at Fyfield, at Copfurn Shooting Ground in Margaretting and at Dartford Clay Shooting Club in Dartford, Kent but we also have frequent outings to other grounds in and around Essex, London & Kent (see the fixtures list under 'Fixtures' tab). We also participate in Open (non-masonic) competitions. 


While experienced shots who average impressive scores are always welcome the club is also an ideal place for newcomers to improve their shooting and, as masons, to have fun in the company of like-minded individuals. Our experienced members, some of whom are Instructors in their own right, are always willing to provide advice & guidance to members at club shoots and the Instructors are happy to offer individual lessons at competetive rates. You don't have to be a good shot to take part in competitions as only the top few scores in each team count towards the competition - so for most of us it's just a good day out and there's no risk of our 'average' scores bringing the team's score down.


Members must ensure they have a current shotgun certificate and insurance before taking part in our events but novices are welcome to come along to 'have a go' before they commit to the expense of buying their own gun and obtaining a certificate and we will provide all the equipment they need.


You will only have to pay the cost of the clays you shoot (including the ones you miss) and the cost of the cartridges; which for a 50 target trial shoot will be about £25 in total. 


You're welcome to phone us to arrange to come along and 'have a go' at any club shoot but we do run two novice shoots each year, where the targets will be slightly less challenging for your first attempt.

If you're thinking of coming along to 'have a go' please find a date in our fixture list that you'd like to attend and then contact our Chairman, Rob Hollier, to ensure the fixture is suitable for you and that we haven't changed the venue and forgotten to publish it!


Any other queries regarding membership and fixtures can be directed to the Secretary. 


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